Virtual Gallery

This is an artwork that shows my artwork the Bonsai series in a real time interactive virtual reality environment. The Bonsai artwork series is a number of digital sculptures that I created show my feelings about the concept of the bonsai, and the contradiction it has between natural and artificial aspects. Also this work rises the question of the value of physicality in art. By showing artworks in a familiar gallery space. Thinking about the the digital age that we live in now, it make me wonder what is next? Our activities these days are changing into digital activities, from shopping to interacting with other people. So wouldn't that mean that we will also start visiting places around the world including gallaries using the VR technology?    

  • Name: アリ アルムタワ / Ali Almutawa
  • Countory: Kuwait
  • Category: Interactive Art (VR)
  • Movie: YouTube

Project 01a